What is the difference between Reflexology and a foot massage?

The concept of a foot massage is to apply pressure to relieve soft tissue on and around the foot, massaging tightly constricted muscles to provide relief of soreness and discomfort in the feet.  Reflexology, on the other hand, focuses on stimulating pathways throughout the body, which can alter the energy flow of various body systems.  A foot reflexology session does not only interact with the soft tissues of the feet, but can also bring relief to other parts of the body through the application of reflexology techniques.

Reflexology is an in-depth discipline that requires 300 hours of training and 90 hours of hands-on clinical sessions.


What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology does not just treat the foot and ankle, it is instead a full-body experience.  Because reflex points connect different body systems to the feet, it can be used to reduce stress, promote healing and circulation, improve pain, and improve digestive health.  As a reflexologist, I focus on overall foot health, helping to reduce foot and ankle pain through education and self-care.


What should I expect from my session? 

Reflexology sessions begin with a foot soak and a conversation about your general health and concerns.  I begin with a gentle relaxation technique and then begin working the reflex points on the foot. I focus on any areas of concern and focus on areas where the client or I feel they need more attention.  I work on both feet to promote overall well-being and balance. If needed or requested, I also provide reflexology on the hands.